Lisboa DOC


The rolling hills that stretch along the Atlantic coast north of Lisbon are home to some of the most productive and heterogeneous areas in Portugal.

The vineyards situated in close proximity to the coast are greatly affected by the strong and significant influence of the Atlantic, whereas the vineyards located further inland, sheltered by various mountain systems, benefit from a transitional Mediterranean climate.


The wines produced from coastal regions exhibit a low alcoholic content and possess a lightness comparable to those originating from Minho. The soil types in these regions can be categorized as either clayey-calcareous or sandy-clayey.


The Lisboa wine region comprises of nine denominations of origin, which are grouped into three distinct geographical clusters. The southern appellations of Bucelas, Colares, and Carcavelos are located in close proximity to Lisbon. Alenquer, Arruda, Lourinhã, Óbidos, and Torres Vedras are situated in the central part of the region, while Encostas d'Aire is located in the north.



Out of the nine sub-regions, Bucelas, Colares, and Carcavelos are particularly notable. Bucelas has carved out a niche for itself due to the unique style of its white wines, which are dominated by the Arinto grape variety, imparting freshness and longevity.


Colares is one of Portugal's most distinct and unconventional appellations, featuring vineyards planted with the Ramisco variety, located by the sea on extremely loose sandy soils. Unfortunately, Carcavelos has become a lackluster region, with few vineyards or producers, a victim of the relentless urban real estate pressure emanating from Lisbon.


The primary white grape varieties in the region are Arinto, Fernão Pires, Malvasia, Seara-Nova, and Vital, while the red grape varieties include Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Castelão, Tinta Miúda, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, and Trincadeira, as well as international varieties like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.



Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Lisboa DOC


12 Knights Red Wine 750ML
Adega Mae Roseblend 250ML
Adega Mae Whiteblend 250ML
Adega Regional De Colares Arenae Ramisco 500ML
Adegamae Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML
Adegamae Chardonnay  750ML
Adegamae Petit Verdot 750ML
Adegamae Pinot Noir  750ML
Adegamae Reserva Red 750ML
Adegamae Terrior Red Wine 750ML
Adegamae Terroir White Wine 750ML
Adegamae Touriga Nacioanl 750ML
Adegamae Viosinho 750ML
Bigode Red Blend 750ML
Boa Noite Lisboa Red 750ML
Boa Noite Lisboa Rose 750ML
Boa Noite Lisboa White 750ML
Bucellas Arinto  750ML
Cabo Da Roca Arinto White 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Cabernet Sauvignon  750ML
Cabo Da Roca Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Lisboa Tinto 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Red Lisboa 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Reserva Syrah 750ML
Cabo Da Roca White Lisboa 750ML
Casal Garcia Tinto 750ML
Cascas Red Enologo 750ML
Castelo Do Sulco Reserva Tinto 750ML
Castelo Do Sulco Tinto 750ML
Cerejeiras Branco 750ML
Cerejeiras Red 2012 750ML
Cerejeiras Rose  750ML
Cerejeiras Tinto 750ML
Ch By Chocapalha 750ML
Colares Arenae Malvasia 500ML
Colares Chao Rijo Red  750ML
Colares Chitas Tinto 750ML
Colossal Reserva 750ML
Colossal White Reserva 750ML
Confidencial Reserva Red 750ML
Confidencial Rose 2020 750ML
Coragem  Chardonnay 750ML
Coragem  Reserva  750ML
Coragem  Touriga Nacional  750ML
Dfj Alvarino & Chardonnay 750ML
Dory Red Wine 750ML
Dory Reserva Red 750ML
Dory Reserva White 750ML
Dory White Wine 750ML
Espera Arinto Bical 2019 750 ML
Espera Arinto Bical 750 ML
Espera Castelao 750 ML
Espera Palheto 750 ML
Hugo Mendes Curtimenta White 750ML
Hugo Mendes Lisboa Branco 750ML
Hugo Mendes Lisboa Castelao 750ML
Lab Moscato 750ML
Lab Rose 2018 750ML
Lab Sweet 750ML
Lab Tinto 3LT
Lab Wine 750ML
Mandriola De Lisboa Red Wine 750ML
Mandriola De Lisboa White Wine 750ML
Mira Arinto De Bucelas Doc 2016 750ML
Monte Cascas Colares Malvasia White 750ML
Monte Cascas Colares Ramisco Red750ML
Mula Velha Reserva 750 ML
Mundus White Wine Leve 750ML
Patamar Lisboa Tinto 750ML
Paxis Red Blend 750ML
Paxis White Blend 750ML
Pedra E Cal Les A Les Arinto 750ML
Peninsula De Lisboa 750ML
Pinta Negra Branco 750ML
Pinta Negra Rose 750ML
Pinta Negra Tinto 750ML
Pop Cozs Red 750ML
Pop Cozs White 750ML
Porta 6 Branco 750ML
Porta 6 Tinto 750ML
Portada Tinto 750ML
Portada White Wine 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Arinto 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Castelao 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Grande Reserva 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Grande Reserva Red 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Red Reserva 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna Sauvignon Blanc 750ML
Quinta Da Alorna White Reserva 750ML
Quinta Da Chocapalha Tinto 750ML
Quinta Da Chocapalha Tinto Castelao 750ML
Quinta Das Cerejeiras Reserva 750ML
Quinta Das Cerejeiras Reserva White 750ML
Quinta De Chocapalha Arinto White 750ML
Quinta De Pancas Arinto Reserva 750ML
Quinta De Pancas Reserva 750ML
Quinta De S. Francisco Obidos Red 750ML
Quinta De S. Francisco Obidos White 750ML
Quinta Varzea Da Pedra Arinto Obidos 750ML
Quinta Varzea Da Pedra Branco Obidos 750ML
Quinta Varzea Da Pedra Fernao Pires White Obidos 750ML
Quinta Varzea Da Pedra Tinto Tn 750ML
Ramilo Arinto 750ML
Ramilo Blend White 750ML
Ramilo Colares Malvasia 750ML
Ramilo Colares Ramisco Red 750M
Ramilo Tinto 750ML
Ramilo Vinhas Velhas Tinto 750ML
Ramos Pinto Duas Quintas Red 750ML
Red Blend Portugal Wine 750ML
Reserva Dos Amigos 750ML
Reserva Dos Amigos 1.5LT
Ruelas Red 750ML
Serra Oca Castelao Red 750ML
Serra Oca Moscatel Galego  750ML
Serra Oca White 750ML
Sottal Leve White 750ML
Varzea Da Pedra Tinto 750ML
Vidigal Tinto Reserva 750ML
Sanguinhal Touriga Nacional/Syrah Red
Sanguinhal  Arinto/Chardonnay White