June 2023 - Clube de Vinhos


Serra Oca Castelão 2021

Region:  Lisboa, Cadaval (Serra de Montejunto)
Grape varieties: 100% Castelão
Winemaker: Rodrigo Martins
Notes: Intense and deep, plum, cherry, minty, herbal, quite sapy.
Suggested Serving Temp: 56ºF and 60ºF
Food Pairing: Grilled meats and vegetables,
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Quinta Varzea Da Pedra Branco 2020

Region: DOC Óbidos (Lisboa)

Grape varieties: 60% Fernão Pires, 40% Arinto

Vineyard: Vinha da Gafa (Sanguinhal)

Exposure: Southeast / SOIL: Clay-limestone soil.

Winemaker: Tomas Emidio

Notes: Citrus-coloured wine, with delicate aromas of tropical fruits, flowers and Atlantic minerality. In the mouth is fresh, intense and creamy, with a long aftertaste.

Suggested Serving Temp: 50°F-54°F

Food Pairing: Ideal for all sea dishes as well as soft meats




Piloto Alfrocheiro 2021


Region: Península de Setúbal

Grape varieties: Alfrocheiro

Winemaker: Filipe Cardoso

Notes: Garnet color. Nose of red fresh berries, pine needles amount sweet and black spices. Young and vibrant wine that is pure and fruity. Well balanced with raspberry notes. Long and fresh.

Suggested Serving Temp: 56ºF and 60ºF

Food Pairing: Wonderful with fatty fish, white meats and Italian cuisine.




Broadbent Madeira White 2019


Region: Madeira

Grape varieties: 91% Verdelho, 9% Arnsburger

Winemaker: Juan Teixeira, Flávia Rosário

Notes: Citrus color, fresh citrus and tropical fruit, sea breeze and mineral notes. Medium bodied on the palate with refreshing acidity.

Suggested Serving Temp: Should be served at 50-54°f.

Food Pairing: Fresh caught fish on the grill, limpets(or since we're in new england oysters), raw sea food or even a fava or octopus salad.




Adega Mae Red Reserva 2017


Region: Lisbon Regional Wine

Grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Touriga Franca.

Winemaker: Diogo Lopes and Anselmo Mendes.

Notes: Red coloured wine, with average depth, showing signs of evolution; good aromatic richness with noticeable aromatic progress of floral notes of violet and red berries, a hint of green pepper, provided by Cabernet Sauvigon, one of the varieties in the blend, leads to a spicy aromatic finish. Medium to fully-bodied wine, expertly framed by well-developed tannins, combined with good acidity and ripe fruit; delivers a delicate, sharp finish.

Suggested Serving Temp: 58-60ºF

Food Pairing: Perfectly paired with red meat, roasts and game.




Terroir Vulcânico Verdelho Do Pico 2019



Region: Pico Island, Azores

Grape varieties: 100% Verdelho

Winemaker: Bernardo Cabral

Notes: Aroma marked by notes of grapefruit and peach in an environment of earth and volcanic notes. The mouth surprises by the striking acidity and very mineral. The mouth is elegant and refreshing, revealing all the influence of proximity to the sea.

Suggested Serving Temp: 48ºF and 52ºF

Food Pairing: Perfect for all kinds of seafood: shellfish, fish, grilled fish, sushi & salads.