Espumantes (Sparkling)

Due to the requirement of high acidity, sparkling wines are typically produced in cooler regions of the country. Bairrada sparkling wine is highly regarded and crafted from quickly-pressed red Baga or Touriga Nacional grapes, aromatic white Maria Gomes, Arinto, Bical, and occasionally Chardonnay. The cool, high-altitude Távora-Varosa region, situated south of the Douro and north of Dão, produces sparkling wines using Malvasia Fina grapes and is increasingly incorporating Champagne grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Vinho Verde, which typically produces lightly effervescent wines, added fully sparkling wines to its regulations in time for the Millennium.

When and how to drink:

Sparkling wine is an excellent beverage choice during the heat of summer as it provides refreshment, and during the cold of winter, it can lift spirits. It is a perfect accompaniment to fish and seafood. In addition, sparkling wine pairs well with dressed salads, as its acidity and mild sweetness complement the dressing as well as the sweetness of the salad and vegetable ingredients. Furthermore, the natural sweetness of vegetable dishes often pairs well with the slight sweetness of sparkling wines.

Descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal

Our Sparkling Offerings

Alianca Danubio Bruto 750ML
Alianca Danubio Meio Seco 750ML
Cabriz Bruto Doc Dao
Casa De Oleiros Espumante De Vinho Verde Reserva 750ML
Casa De Oleiros Espumante Vinhao Bruto 750ML
Casa De Saima Espumante Reserva Bruto  750ML
Champagne Desousa Tradition Brut 750ML
Duckman Maria Duck-Pet Nat 750ML
Filipa Pato 3B Blanc De Blancs
Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling Rose 750ML
Gatao Espumante Meio Seco 750ML
Informal Baga Vinho Espumante  750ML
Joao Pato Duckman Espumante Branco 750ML
Luis Pato Baga Bruto 750ML
Luis Pato Maria Gomes Bruto 750ML
Morgado Pet-Nat Vinho Verde 750ML
Murganheira Super Reserve 750ML
Pet Nat Javali 750ML
Phaunus Pet Nat Rose 750ML
Phaunus Pet Nat White750ML
Ponte Da Barca Espumante Loureiro 750ML
Quinta Do Encontro Rose Bruto 750ML
Raposeira Reserva Meio Seco 750ML
Raposeira Rose Bruto  750ML
Rego Espumante Branco Bruto 750ML
Sao Domingos Blanc De Blancs 750ML
Sao Domingos Elpidio Bruto 75CL
Sao Domingos Espumante Extra Reserva Bruto 750ML
Sao Domingos Semi Dry 75CL
Sao Domingos Tinto Brut 75CL
Sao Joao Rose Bruto 750ML
Sidonio Sousa Bruto Branco 750ML
Sottal Vinho Frisante Rose 750ML
Terras Do Demo Red Brut 750ML
Terras Do Demo Rose Brut 750ML
Terras Do Demo White Wine 750ML
Terrasdo Demo White Brut Malvasia 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Curtido 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Renegado 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Rose 750ML
Vadio Bruto Doc 750ML