Douro is one of the wildest and most rugged regions in Portugal, carved by the valley of the Douro River and the poverty of the schistous soils.

Nowhere else in Portugal is the human impact on the landscape as prominent as in the Douro region, where thousands of terraces are scattered throughout the area, defying the steep slopes where vineyards are planted. This unique beauty and monumental achievement has earned the region UNESCO recognition as a "World Heritage Site".


Stretching from the Spanish border to approximately ninety kilometers from Porto, the Douro region follows the River Douro's axis. The region is highly mountainous and protected from the Atlantic's influence by the Serra do Marão mountain range. The climate is typically dry, with cold winters and hot summers, and rainfall varies from moderate in the west to almost desert-like near the border.


The Douro region is the birthplace of Port wine, the main representative of Portuguese wines. In the past two decades, the region's still wines have gained significant recognition and independence, establishing themselves as a source of increased notoriety for the region.



The Douro region is divided into three sub-regions: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo, and Douro Superior. Baixo Corgo, which is under the direct influence of Serra do Marão, is the coolest and rainiest sub-region. It is also the most fertile and has the highest vine density.


Cima Corgo, known as the heart of Douro, is the birthplace of many high-end Port wines. The largest sub-region, Douro Superior, is the hottest, driest, and most extreme. However, it is also the least rugged and marked by dryness and scorching summers.


The Douro region boasts a wealth of indigenous grape varieties, with hundreds of unique varieties and an extensive area of old vines that are sometimes planted with dozens of varieties mixed together. Five red varieties, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca, and Touriga Nacional, are particularly noteworthy for their excellence in producing Port Wine. Additionally, the white varieties Gouveio, Malvasia Fina, Moscatel, Rabigato, and Viosinho, as well as the red varieties Sousão and Tinta Amarela (Trincadeira), stand out among the hundreds of varieties.


Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Douro DOC


Abandonado Douro Red
Adega Vila Real Reserva  Red 750ML
Altano Red Organic Douro 750ML
Barca-Velha Douro '08 Casa Ferreirinha 750ML
Boavida Douro Red Wine 750ML
Broadbent Reserva Douro 750ML
Bulas Douro Doc Reserva Red 750ML
Cabeca De Burro Reserva 750ML
Cadao Douro Red Wine 750ML
Cadao Douro Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Callabriga Casa Ferreirinha 750ML
Carm Cm Red Douro 750ML
Carm Grande Reserva Red 750ML
Carm Grande Resv Red '11 750ML
Carm Red  750ML
Carm Reserva Red 750ML
Carm Reserve White 750ML
Carm White 750ML
Casa Ferreirinha Planalto Branco 750ML
Cassa Douro Red 750ML
Cassa Douro Red Reserva 750ML
Castello D Alba White Reserve 750ML
Castello D'Alba Douro Limited '13 750ML
Castello D'Alba Red 750ML
Castello D'Alba Red 750ML
Castello D'Alba Red Reserve 750ML
Castello D'Alba Superior 750ML
Castello D'Alba White 750ML
Castelo D'Alba Douro 16 375ML
Castelo D'Alba White Douro 16 375ML
Caves Santa Marta Red 750ML
Caves Santa Marta White 750ML
Charamba Reserva  750 ML
Chryseia Douro 2014 1.5LT
Chryseia Douro 2015 1.5LT
Chryseia Douro 2016 1.5LT
Chryseia Douro 2017 1.5LT
Chryseia Wine 750ML
Clos Fonte Do Santo Tinto By Quinta Do Javali 750ML
Crasto Maria Teresa Red 750ML
Cv Curriculum Douro White 750ML
Cv Red Wine 2017 750ML
D.Graca Colheita Branco 750ML
D.Graca Colheita Red 750ML
D.Graca Reserva Red 750ML
D.Graca Reserva White Viosinho 750ML
Delaforce Alvarinho 750ML
Delaforce Colheita Red 750ML
Delaforce Touriga Nacional Red 750ML
Dezoito By Maniche Branco 750ML
Dezoito By Maniche Tinto 750ML
Domini Douro 750ML
Dona Maltide Vinha Dos Calcos Largos Red 750ML
Dona Marilia Red Wine 750ML
Dona Matilde Red 750ML
Dona Matilde White 750ML
Douro Red 15 Geracoes 750ML
Duas Quintas Ramos Pinto White 750ML
Duas Quintas Reserva Douro 750ML
Duorum Colheita Red 750ML
Duorum Colheita Wht 750ML
Eleivera Tinto Douro 750ML
Esteva Douro 750ML
Evel White Wine  750ML
Flor De Crasto Red 750ML
Folias De Baco Uivo Aqua Nat 375ML
Folias De Baco Uivo Curtido White 750ML
Folias De Baco Uivo Pt Nat Renegado 750ML
Folias De Baco Uivo Renegado 750ML
Galaharda Rose 750ML
Galharda Tinto 750ML
Galharda White 750ML
Gateway Red 750ML
Grainha Reserva Red Douro 750ML
Grainha Reserva White 750ML
Guru White By Wine & Soul 750 ML
La Rosa Estate Reserva 750ML
Macanita Branco '19 750 ML
Manoella Red Douro 750ML
Manoella White 750ML
Meandro Do Vale Meao Red 750ML
Meandro Do Vale Meao White 750ML
Mono C  By Luis Seabra Douro 750ML
Mono C Douro 750ML
Monte Cascas Douro Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Muxagat Branco Douro 750ML
Muxagat Tinta Barroca 750ML
Muxagat Tinto Douro 750ML
Niepoort Batuta Tinto 750ML
Niepoort Rotulo Dao White 750 ML
Niepoort Twisted Tinto 750ML
P+S Chryseia Wine 750ML
P+S Post Scriptum Douro 750ML
P+S Prazo De Roriz 750ML
Pacheca  Reserva  Vinhas Velhas 750ML
Pacheca Branco Grande Reserva 750ML
Pacheca Colheita Red 750ML
Pacheca Colheita White 750ML
Pacheca Grande Reserva Touriga Nacional 750ML
Pacheca Reserva Vinhas Velhas 750ML
Pacheca Rose Reserva 750ML
Pacheca Superior Red 750ML
Pacheca Superior White 750ML
Pacheca Touriga Francesa 750ML
Pai Horacio Grande Reserva 750ML
Papa Figos Douro 750ML
Papa Figos Douro White  750ML
Pet Nat Javali 750ML
Pintas Character Douro Tinto 750ML
Pintas Douro 750ML
Pocas Reserva Tinto 750ML
Pocas Vale Cavalos Red 750ML
Poeira Douro '08 750ML
Pombal Do Vesuvio Douro 750ML
Porca De Murca Red Wine 750ML
Porca De Murca Reserva  750ML
Pormenor Tinto 750ML
Pormenor White 750ML
Pretexto White 750 ML
Quinta Da Corte Princesa Red Douro 750ML
Quinta Da Gaivosa 750ML
Quinta Da Leda Casa Ferreirinha 750ML
Quinta Da Manoella Red 750ML
Quinta Da Romaneira Douro Reserva 750ML
Quinta Da Romaneira Petit Verdot Red Wine 750ML
Quinta Da Romaneira Syrah Red Wine 750ML
Quinta Da Romaneira Touriga Nacional 750ML
Quinta De La Rosa 2009 Vintage Porto 750ML
Quinta De La Rosa 2011 Vintage Porto 750ML
Quinta De La Rosa 750ML
Quinta Do Carqueijal Red 750ML
Quinta Do Crasto Douro Red 750ML
Quinta Do Crasto Douro White 750ML
Quinta Do Crasto Reserva Vinha Velhas 750ML
Quinta Do Crasto Superior White 750ML
Quinta Do Infantado Organic Red 750ML
Quinta Do Infantado Red 750ML
Quinta Do Portal Colheita Red 750ML
Quinta Do Portal Reserva Red 750ML
Quinta Do Vale Meao Red 750ML
Quinta Do Vallado Douro Red 750ML
Quinta Dos Frades Douro 750ML
Quinta Dos Frades Reserva 750ML
Quinta Dos Murça Minas Red 1500ML
Quinta Dos Murça Red 1500ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Margem Douro 750ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Minas Douro 750ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Minas Douro 750ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Red Reserve 750ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Reserva  1.5LT
Quinta Dos Murcas Vv47 Douro  750ML
Quinta Dos Murcas Vv47 Douro  750ML
Quinta Nova Colheita Unoaked 750ML
Quinta Nova Grainha Reserva Red 750ML
Quinta Nova Grainha White Reserva 750ML
Quinta Nova Grande Reserva Classico 750ML
Quinta Nova Mirabilis Grande Reserva Red  750ML
Quinta Nova Pomares Branco 750ML
Quinta Nova Pomares Moscatel Galego 750ML
Quinta Nova Pomares Red 750ML
Quinta Nova Reserva Terroir Blend 750ML
Quinta Nova Reserva Terroir Blend 750ML
Quinta Nova Rose 750ML
Quinta Nova Unoaked Red  750ML
Quinta Santa Eufemia Douro Red 750ML
Quinta Santa Eufemia Reserva  750ML
Quinta Santa Eufemia Touriga Nacional Tinto 750ML
Quinta Santa Eufemia White 750ML
Quinta Seara D'Ordens Reserva 750ML
Quinta Seara D'Ordens Reserva Vinhas Velhas 750ML
Quinta Seara Talentvs Grande Escolha 750ML
Quinta Tedo Douro 12 750ML
Quinta Vale Dona Maria Rufo Red Wine 750ML
Quinta Vale Maria Rufo White Wine 750ML
Quinta Valle Longo Red 750ML
Renegado Vinhas Velhas 750ML
Sino Da Romaneira Tinto 750ML
Tons De Duorum Red 750ML
Uivo Anfora Branco 750ML
Uivo Moscatel Galego 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Curtido 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Renegado 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Rose 2018 750ML
Uivo Pt Nat Rose 750ML
Uivo Rabigato White 750ML
Uivo Renegado 750ML
Urze Douro '14 750ML
Urze Douro Reserva  '11 750ML
Vale D Maria Douro 750ML
Vale D.Maria Vinhas Do Sabor Red 750ML
Vale D.Maria Vinhas Do Sabor White 750ML
Vallegre Vinhas Velhas Tinto 750ML
Van Zellers Red Wine750ML
Vertice Reserva Red '10 750ML
Vertice Reserve White Wine 750ML
Vinha Dos Deuses Grande Reserva 750ML
Vinha Dos Santos Tinto Douro '13 750ML
Vinha Grande By Casa Ferreirinha Douro 750ML
Vinha Maria Teresa By Crasto 750ML
Vz Red 750ML
Vz White 750ML
Warres Altano Douro 750ML
Xisto Cru Douro White  750ML
Xisto Cru Red Wine  750ML
Xisto Ilimitado Tinto 750ML

Xisto Ilimitado White 750ML

Assobio Red 750ML