The Dão region's vineyards are dispersed amidst pine forests at various elevations, ranging from 1,000 meters in the Serra da Estrela to 200 meters in the lower regions, surrounded by mountains on all sides. The region's soil is primarily composed of nutrient-deficient granite.

The vineyards are fragmented and sparsely distributed, consisting of multiple plots with properties that have relatively small areas. The region's climate is heavily influenced and shaped by the surrounding mountains, which protect the vineyards from both continental and maritime climate effects. The soil in the region is predominantly granite-based and nutrient-poor.


The primary white grape varieties grown in the region include Bical, Cercial, Malvasia Fina, Rabo de Ovelha, Verdelho, and Encruzado. Meanwhile, the red grape varieties that stand out include Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Jaen, and Tinta Roriz, as well as the less-valued Baga, Bastardo, and Tinta Pinheira.


Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Dão DOC


Alianca Dao Red Wine 750ML
Alvaro De Crasto Reserva Estagio Prolongado 750ML
Bergamota Dao 750ML
C Americo Touriga Nacional 750ML
Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Red Dao 1.5LT
Cabriz Colheita Selecionada White 750ML
Cabriz Dao Colheita Selecionada Red 750ML
Cabriz Dao Reserva 750ML
Cabriz Dao Reserva Vinho Branco 750ML
Cabriz Doc Bruto  750ML
Cabriz Red Wine 375ML
Cabriz Reserva Red 1500ML
Cabriz Sauvignon Blanc 750ML
Cabriz Touriga Nacional  Red 750ML
Cabriz Touriga Nacional White 750ML
Caminhos Cruzados Reserva Tinto 750ML
Caminhos Cruzados Tinto 750ML
Casa America Jaen Red 750ML
Casa Américo Branco De Uvas Tintas 750ML
Casa Americo Dao Red 750 ML
Casa Americo Dao White 750 ML
Casa Americo Encruzado White 750ML
Casa Americo Rserva Red 750ML
Casa De Mouraz Dao White 750ML
Casa De Mouraz Dao White 750ML
Casa De Santar Reserva 750ML
Casa Mouraz Red 750ML
Cassa Douro White 750ML
Dao Udaca 375ML
Fonte Do Ouro Dao Reserva Especial Touriga Nacional 750ML
Fonte Do Ouro Dao Tinto 750ML
Fonte Do Ouro Encruzado 750ML
Fonte Do Ouro Grande Reserva Dao 750ML
Fonte Do Ouro Reserva  750ML
Fonte Do Ouro White 750ML
Grao Vasco Dao Red 750ML
Grilos Doc Dao Red 750ML
M.O.B  Lote3 White 750ML
M.O.B  White 750ML
Meia Encosta Red Wine 750ML
Niepoort Rotulo Tinto '15 750ML
Pinha Dao Red 750ML
Pinha Encruzado White 750ML
Pinha Ribeiro Santo Reserva Tinto 750ML
Pinha Tinto Reserva 750ML
Porta D'Armas Dao
Pretexto Red 750 ML
Prunus Dao Red 750ML
Prunus Dao White 750ML
Quinta Da Garrida Reserva Tinto 750ML
Quinta De Saes Tinto 750ML
Quinta Do Cabriz Rose 750ML
Quinta Do Vale  Premium Dao Dop Red 750ML
Quinta Do Vale  Premium Dao Dop White 750ML
Taboadella Encruzado Reserva Red 750ML
Taboadella Grande Villae Doc Red 2019
Taboadella Grande Villae Doc White 2019
Taboadella Reserva Alfrocheiro Red 2019
Taboadella Reserva Encruzado White 2020
Taboadella Reserva Jaen Red 2019
Taboadella Reserva Touriga Nacional Red 2019
Taboadella Villae 2019
Taboadella Villae Branco 750ML
Terras De Santar Tinto 750ML
Textura Da Estrela Tinto 750ML
Titular Colheita Branco Caminhos Cruzados 750ML
Titular Colheita Tinto  Dao  By Caminhos Cruzados 3LT
Titular Colheita Tinto Dao By Caminhos Cruzados 750ML
Titular Colheita White Dao By Caminhos Cruzados 750ML
Udaca Dao Red 2010 750ML
Udaca Touriga Nacional Dao Red 2008 750ML
Vasco Da Gama Red Wine 750ML
Vidente Doc Red Wine 750ML
Vigno Dao Doc White 750ML
Vigno Dao Red Doc 750ML
Cabriz Rose
Pinha White