It is a flat, coastal region that develops along a maritime coastal strip, with a marked Atlantic influence, with abundant rainfall and mild average temperatures.

The property is subdivided into numerous small plots, with the soils separated into clay-limestone and sandy strips, each imparting its own unique style based on which element dominates. The region was one of the pioneers in adopting and exploring sparkling wines, which continue to be highly valued in the area, thanks to its cool and damp climate that produces grapes with high acidity and low alcohol content.



Within the region, there are two distinct winemaking philosophies: the classic style, which focuses primarily on the Baga grape variety, and the new bairradino style, which incorporates both national and international grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.


Fernão Pires (also known as Maria Gomes) is the predominant white grape variety, followed by Arinto, Bical, Cercial, and Rabo de Ovelha. Meanwhile, Baga is the most common red grape variety, followed by Alfrocheiro, Tinta Pinheira, and Touriga Nacional.



Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


Offerings from Bairrada DOC


Alias Red Wine 750ML
Arco D''Aguieira Red Wine 750ML
Arco D''Aguieira White Wine 750ML
Cabo Da Roca Reserva Baga  750ML
Campolargo Baga 750ML
Campolargo Bruto Rose 750ML
Campolargo Pinot Noir 750ML
Casa De Saima Colheita 750ML
Casa De Saima Garrafeira Baga 750ML
Casa De Saima Garrafeira White 750ML
Casa De Saima Grande Reserva Baga 750ML
Casa De Saima Reserva Tinto 750ML
Casa De Saima Rose 750ML
Casa De Santar Dao Red 750ML
Caves S.Joao Reserva Red Wine 750ML
Defio Baga Clarete 4X250ML
Defio Pelicula Branco 4X250ML
Doranvante Bairrada 2016 White
Doravante Bairrada 2015 Red 750ML
Drink Me Natcool White By Niepoort 750 ML
Drink Me Tinto 750 ML
Druida Encruzado Reserva White 750ML
Duckman Kite Duck 750ML
Duckman Maria Duck-Pet Nat 750ML
Encontro 1 750ML
Espera Natcool 750ML
Filipa Pato 3B Sparkling Rose 750ML
Filipa Pato Calcario Baga 750ML
Filipa Pato Calcario Bical 750ML
Filipa Pato Dinamico Branco 750ML
Filipa Pato Dinamico Tinto 750ML
Filipa Pato Post Quercus 500ML
Filipa Pato Post Quercus Baga 750ML
Filipa Pato Post Quercus White 750ML
Foz De Arouce White 750ML
Frei Joao Bairrada 750ML
Frei Joao Bairrada Red Wine 750ML
Frei Joao Reserva '13 750ML
Joao Pato Duckman Espumante Branco 750ML
Joao Pato Duckman Nerd Duck Red 750ML
Joao Pato Rosa Duck 750ML
Joao Pato Vinho Branco'19 750 ML
Kompassus Baga Reserva 750ML
Kompassus Bairrada 750ML
Lagar De Baixo Baga By Niepoort 750ML
Luis Pato Red Baga Touriga Nacional 750ML
Luis Pato Vinha Barrio 2001 750ML
Luis Pato Vinha Pan 750ML
Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas Red 750ML
Luis Pato Vinhas Velhas White 750ML
Marques De Marialva Red 750ML
Marques De Marialva White 750ML
Mateus Dry Rose 187ML
Mateus Dry Rose 750ML
Niepoort Nat Cool White 1LT
Nieport Nat Cool White 1LT
Outrora Red Baga  750ML
Poco Do Lobo Arinto 1994 750ML
Poco Do Lobo Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva1995 750ML
Porta Dos Cavaleiros Red Wine 750ML
Quinta De Foz De Arouce Red 750ML
Quinta Do Encontro Bairrada 750ML
Quinta Do Encontro Preto & Branco Red 750ML
Quinta Poco De Lobo 1996 750ML
Rol De Coisas Antigas Campolargo 750ML
Sidonio Desousa Colheita Red 750ML
Sidonio Sousa Reserva Tinto 750ML
Termeao Passaro Branco White 750ML
Termeao Passaro Vermelho Red 750ML
Torre De Coimbra Red Doc 750ML
Vadio Bairrada Tinto 750ML
Vinha Do Puto Bairrada 750ML