April 2024 - Clube de Vinhos


Aphros 2018


Region: Vinho Verde DOC – Sub-Region of Lima.

Grape varieties: Vinhão 100%.

Winemaker: Tiago Sampaio / Miguel Viseu.

Winery: Between the plains near the Ocean and the mountains of Gerês, fertile hills of granitic soils harbor a balance forests and cultivated areas, where the vine found a perfect terroir, harmoniously blended with other cultures such as cereals, vegetables, fruit orchards, olive trees and a variety of domestic animals and wildlife.

Soil: Granite.

Vinification: Fermentation with maceration of the skins and pip in granite tanks at temperatures between 20 and 22º C. Foot treading pressing , malolactic fermentation in inox vats aged in sur lies.

Notes: Opaque violet color. The aroma shows red fruits and some vegetal, with sour cherry and cassis notyes, complexed by spicy and mentholated nuances. On the palete firm yet round tannins prevail, in hand with a crisp acidity that makes this wine enormously gastronomic and persistent.

Suggested Serving Temp: 60º to 65ºC

Food Pairing: Great with blood sausages and rich stews.



Pacheca Rose Reserva

Region: Douro DOC, Portugal.

Grape varieties: Touriga Nacional 100%.

Winemaker: Maria Serpa Pimentel.

Soil: Schist.

Vineyard: This wine is exclusively obtained from the Touriga Nacional grape variety of the highest part of the Quinta da Pacheca estate at 300 meters of altitude.

Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 14-16ºC, with inoculation of selected yeasts, after pressing in a pneumatic press protected from oxygen. Halfway through fermentation, it is transferred to French oak barrels (500 L) with total sugar depletion

Notes: Pink wine with salmon tones. Fruity aroma of strawberries and raspberries, slightly woody. The palate is very fresh and enveloping. Good volume in the mouth and very persistent.

Suggested Serving Temp: Serve between 50°F and 53°F.

Food Pairing: Goes well with any composed salad, pasta and poultry.






Quinta Do Infantado Dry White Port

Region: Douro.

Grape varieties: Gouveio, Rabigato and Voisinho.


Vineyard: The Quinta do Infantado cultivates 46 hectares of vineyards in the parish of Covas do Douro, 100% grade A, the highest official classification in the Demarcated Region of the Douro. 12 hectares are in certified organic viticulture and 34 hectares are in integrated production, privileging sustainable viticulture. The soils are schistous and poor. The vineyards result from the mass selection of over 20 Douro grape varieties, including whites and reds, planted in all exposures and altitudes ranging from 150m to 350m.

Soil: Schist.

Vinification: The fruit is hand harvested, partly destemmed and fermented in lagar and tank with indigenous yeasts and some skin contact. Fermentation is stopped with 77% ABV grape brandy. The wine is aged in a combination of very old tonel or balseiro (tall wooden tanks from 3,000-60,000 liters with thick staves that slow down oxidation) and the classic Port pipa {550- liter horizontal casks w th thinner staves that promote oxidation). It finishes at a modest 19.5% alcohol and 30 grams per liter of residual sugar, rendering it legally dry or seco. Average age in bottle is between three and four years before release.

Notes: Showing a straw color with a ripe fruit on the nose. In the palate is nutty with honeyed hints and finishing dry.

Suggested Serving Temp: 50ºF to 55ºF.

Food Pairing: Salted dry fruit and great for port & tonics: 1 part dry white port for 2 parts tonic water, ice and garnish with lime and mint.



Quinta do Encontro Preto & Branco


Region: Bairrada.

Grape varieties: 40% Baga and 40%Touriga Nacional for red grapes and 20% Bical for white grapes.

Winemaker: Osvaldo Amado.

Vineyard: Halfway between the mountains of Caramulo, Buçaco, and the sea, we find Quinta do Encontro, a ground-up project where the use of wood was privileged and where everything revolves around wine, including its shape reminiscent of a barrel, and where the connection between the four floors is made by a spiral that reflects the movement of a corkscrew.

Soil: Chalky clay.

Vinification: Blend of white grapes and red grapes, with destemming and alcholic fermentation at 26ºC, soft and prolonged skin maceration. a. At the begining of fermention 25% of wine ferments in new french oak barrels, followed by 6 months of barrels maturation.

Notes: Intense ruby with brownish tones. Mixed of ripe red fruits, toasted nuts and spicy notes on the nose. Fruity fresh palate, notorious mouth volume, elegant and harmonious.

Suggested Serving Temp: 60° to 64°F.

Food Pairing: It´s ideal to consume with matured cheeses and a structured and delicate confection of Mediterranean, cuisine.



Quinta Nova White Reserva 2021


Region: Douro, Cima Corgo .

Grape varieties: Tinta Roriz

Winemaker: Jorge Alves & Mafalda Machado.

Soil: Schist.

Vinification: Harvested by hand, these are the first grapes to be harvested, and the first to enter our winery. A carefull extraction the white must from the Tinta Roriz red grape variety, through very gentle pressing of the whole clusters, with fermentation at low temperatures (11-12 ºC) first in stainless steel tanks, to protect the primary aromas and minerality, and then finishing 4 weeks later in French oak barrels, where it matures for 6 months; This ageing process reinforces the tension and adds complexity.

Notes: Delicate citrus aromas combined with white stone fruit support the complex and vibrant, enigmatic aroma; its origin in red grapes endows it with remarkable firmness, with gravity, combined with a compact, fresh and tense body, it has an endless finish with great precision. The first vintage of this wine produced.

Suggested Serving Temp: 50ºF to 55°F.

Food Pairing: Grilled Salted codfish, Polvo a lagareiro (octopus grilled and served with caramelized onions bathed in olive oil).





Blandy’s Sercial 10 year


Region: Madeira.

Grape varieties: Sercial.

Winemaker: Francisco Albuquerque.

Soil: Vulcanic.

Vineyard: Found either at 600 metres above sea level on the south of the island of Madeira at Jardim da Serra, or at sea level on the north at Seixal and Porto Moniz.

Vinification: Blandy’s 10 year old Sercial undergoes pelicular maceration followed by fermentation with natural yeast at temperatures between 18°C - 21°C in temperature controlled tanks. After approximately 5 days, fortification with alcohol (grape origin) takes place, arresting fermentation at the desired degree of sweetness.

Notes: Pale, bright topaz colour with golden nuances. Fresh with dry fruit, wood and citrus flavours and a persistent fresh with dried fruit after taste.

Suggested Serving Temp: 50 ° F to 55° F.

Food Pairing: Great with salted almonds from Douro or Marcona almonds. also great with Smoked salmon or even sushi. Also, a good match for Azeitao Cheese or even Serra da Estrela.