Açores DOC


The Azores archipelago, made up of nine islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, midway between the European and North American continents.

The high levels of rainfall and mild temperatures throughout the year are a clear indication of the maritime influence, while the poor soils are derived from volcanic activity.


The Açores wine region is comprised of three appellations of origin: Graciosa, Biscoitos (located on Ilha Terceira), and Pico. Historically, the vineyards were established within enclosures surrounded by volcanic stone walls, which retained the heat during the day and released it at night, providing warmth and protection from the harsh maritime winds.



The grape varieties that dominate Graciosa include Arinto, Boal, Fernão Pires, Terrantez, and Verdelho, while Arinto, Terrantez, and Verdelho are the predominant varieties in the Biscoitos and Pico denominations of origin. Despite the challenging conditions, the Azorean fortified wines boast exceptional freshness and acidity.



Images and descriptions courtesy of Wines of Portugal


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