Nuri Sardines in Olive Oil

Nuri Sardines in Olive Oil is a perfect representation of the essence of the Mediterranean diet. The combination of high-quality sardines and the purest olive oil creates a flavor that is both classic and refined.

Each can of Nuri Sardines is a unique masterpiece, produced with only the best fish and the freshest ingredients, carefully selected by hand. The unique traditional method is maintained from generation to generation, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. The result is a product of unparalleled quality, a symbol of life's precious moments that we share with our loved ones.

Nuri consumers belong to a restricted and exclusive group of connoisseurs of genuine and unique products, made from people to people.. As a proud part of Pinhais & Cª Lda, a canning company in Matosinhos, Portugal founded in 1920, Nuri Sardines in Olive Oil is a testament to generations of expertise and a deep commitment to delivering the best canned fish products.

To learn more about Pinhais, read this New York Times story.

Net Weight: 125g / 4.4 oz.