Berthe Tuna Fillets in Lemon

Enjoy the healthy benefits of Berthe's Tuna Fillets in Lemon, a delicious and nutritious choice that brings you the goodness of premium tuna and the added boost of refreshing lemon juice. This combination offers not only an irresistible taste, but also essential nutrients that support your immune system.

As a proud part of Ramirez & Ca. (Filhos) SA, the world's oldest fish cannery in operation, Berthe Sardine Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a testament to five generations of expertise and dedication to delivering the best canned fish to your table. With a nod to the past and a focus on the present, Berthe Tuna Fillets in Lemon is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Net Weight: 120g / 4.2 oz.