Anna Hezel's Tin to Table Picks

Anna Hezel is a food writer and recipe developer. She has written for various publications such as The Kitchn, TASTE, Food52, and Epicurious, among others. Along with Anna's newest book, "TIN TO TABLE", Anna has also authored a cookbook called "Lasagna: A Baked Pasta Cookbook".

Do you love beautiful tins from around the world? Do you covet the delectable preserved tuna, anchovies, mussels, and more within?

From the sparkling, salmon-filled waters of Alaska's Bristol Bay to the deep blue floors of the Cantabrian Sea comes a world's worth of flavorful meal inspiration. Tin to Table cracks open the secrets of tinned seafood to trach you how to whip up quick snacks and meals. With more than 50 salads, sandwiches, bites, and garnishes, this rich guide will help you bring more tasty, convenient, simple seafood to you plate. 

Anna Hezel's Tin to Table Picks Includes: