Jose Gourmet Razor-Shell in Brine

Jose Gourmet is a brand that places a strong emphasis on preserving heritage and tradition through its high-quality tinned fish products. The company is committed to using top-notch ingredients and ensuring that the quality of its conservas is never compromised. In fact, the quality of their products is the driving force behind their entire operation. To ensure that the brand's values are accurately reflected in its visual identity, Jose Gourmet enlisted the expertise of designer Luis Mendonça, who has been responsible for the company's design and art direction. 

As with other seafood, razor clams have nutritional qualities which are essential for health and balance. Minerals such as phosphorus, iodine, iron, sodium, low fat content, omega-3s, B vitamins and especially vitamin B-12, make this delicacy an excellent option for putting the useful with the pleasant. The fragrant taste still helps to cut down on salt, saving the body from hypertension. Digestion is easy. The pleasure is hard to counteract!

Solen Marginatus hid in the sand by digging holes. Its hydraulic foot, with a pressure capacity of up to two kilograms, pressed against the sand. Its squirt of water dispersed the grains and its shell descended with each strike, excavating the hiding place. But no matter how much it hid, it didn't go unnoticed. The keyhole it left in the sand, on the surface, was an invitation to the curious. And to connoisseurs of delicacies: naturally!

Package Contains: 110g