Leite's Culinaria A Taste of Portugal Spice Blend

From David: 

A Taste of Portugal, Leite’s Culinaria’s first spice blend, is bursting with the flavors I grew up with: smoked paprika, garlic, citrus, bay leaf, piri piri chiles, coriander, red wine, and more. It’ll amp-up any of your dishes with just a spoonful or two. 

As a kid, I loved watching the women in my family cook. And for so many dishes, they used the same ingredients that created the incomparable, ubiquitous flavors of my childhood. When I wrote my cookbook, The New Portuguese Table, it seemed to me there had to be an easier way to get the same flavors without having to start from scratch every time. That’s when I created a spice paste that evolved into this spice blend. It has all the familiar, comforting flavors of Portugal in one jar. The mix is an homage to my family’s wonderful cooks and their dishes.

The ingredient list reads like one of Mama Leite’s shopping lists: tomato powder, sea salt, paprika, parsley, smoked paprika, coriander, garlic, bay leaf, red-wine vinegar powder, lemon, white pepper, and dried piri piri peppers. You’ll notice there are no weird or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Everything in the jar is all-natural and pure.

Not only that, but all the ingredients are directly sourced by Amanda Bevill, the owner of the company. The blend is artisanally made, which means is ground, blended, and bottled by hand. And unlike other spice blends manufactured by big companies, which–by law–can sit on warehouse shelves for three years, my blend is made in very small batches so it couldn’t be fresher if you made it yourself.

Package Contains: 4 oz.