Maçarico Lupini Beans

From wellness blogs to grocery store shelves, Tremoços, or Lupini Beans, seem to be popping up everywhere. Noted for their low calorie, high fiber and high protein concentration per serving, Lupini Beans are becoming the new superfood of 2023, but the Portuguese have been snacking on these waxy legumes for centuries.

In Portugal, you'll find bowls of Tremoços on the counters of almost every bar, served with a separate bowl for the discarded skins. Like popcorn at the movie theater, these beans are a common snack found at any Portuguese celebration.

Eating Lupini Beans is a fun activity in itself. Each bean is sheathed in a waxy skin that is typically removed before consuming. To do so, use your teeth to create an incision and squeeze the outer skin to shoot the bean into your mouth.

Net weight: 870g
Net drained weight: 550g