Created in 1947, Jupiter is the oldest brand in Conserveira do Sul's portfolio and is characterized by the refinement and simplicity of its Canned Fish.

Beyond the sea, they see new horizons.

For each Jupiter Canned Fish they select the best fish and prepare it by hand, can by can, with the skill and canning know-how, which has characterized them for over 65 years. The perfect balance is provided by the exquisite Certified Portuguese Organic Olive Oil (PT-BIO-02).

Beyond detail, they find perfection.

You can choose from Canned Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna and Horse Mackerel, all of them preserved in Organic Olive Oil and prepared with no dyes or preservatives added. Produced with wild fish, this canned fish are an excellent source of protein, gluten-free, contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts, essential for your well-being and for a balanced diet.

Beyond taste, they bring new flavors.

Jupiter invites you to experience the true essence and sublime flavor of a differentiated Canned Fish. When picking up a Jupiter canned fish, they want you to feel a true connection with the Sea, which has offered them its best fish for generations.

Jupiter | Sea Beyond