Quintal dos Açores Pineapple Jam

Quintal dos Açores Portuguese Pineapple (Ananás) Jam is a high-quality jam made with Azorean pineapples, a unique variety of pineapple that are grown on the Azores islands. They are known for their distinct taste and texture which is sweeter, less acidic, and more fragrant than other pineapple varieties which contributes to their distinct flavor and quality.

Quintal dos Açores Pineapple Jam is made using traditional methods to preserve the natural flavor and quality of the fruit, making it a delicious and authentic addition to any meal.

Quintal dos Açores is a brand of homemade jams and preserves from the Azores region of Portugal. It is a small family business that uses traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients to create unique and flavorful products. They are based in Candelária and focus on showcasing the flavors of their local area.