Beirabaga Fig Jam

For more than a century, our family has been devoted to the craft of beekeeping, fueled by the same passion that drove our ancestor, Grandfather Jorge de Almeida Lima, five generations ago. We are committed to nurturing and safeguarding the wisdom and flavors of this age-old practice, which reveres nature and seamlessly integrates with it.

In 2004, we embarked on a new endeavor by introducing Beirabaga Jams and Almonds to our repertoire. These products are crafted in the traditional manner, utilizing the finest Portuguese fruits and employing cutting-edge production techniques.

Our fig jam follows a time-honored recipe perfected by nuns in convents, ensuring it is free from artificial colors and preservatives. The figs used in this delicacy are sourced from the sun-drenched regions of Beira Baixa and Trás-os-Montes in Portugal, where they develop their exquisite flavor.

Package contains: 270g
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