Charcutaria and Queijaria Box

Ready for a mouthwatering adventure through Portugal? Our Charcutaria and Queijaria Box is your passport to savoring some of the best of Portuguese cheeses, meats, and perfect pairings. Crafted with a genuine passion for authenticity, this kit brings Portugal's delicious flavors straight to your door.

Kit Includes:

  • Chouriço Caseiro: This versatile sausage is cured and smoked over natural wood, giving it an intense smoky flavor and aroma.
  • Salpicao: Popular in Brazil, this flavorful cured sausage is typically made from a blend of pork and spices with robust and savory notes.
  • Minitoast: Bite-sized, crispy, and perfectly toasted pieces of bread that provide a delicious and neutral base to complement the rich flavors of cheeses, meats, and other accompaniments.
  • Quintal dos Acores Fig Jam: A sweet and velvety spread made from the finest Azorean figs, perfect for complementing savory delights.
  • Beirabraga Spicy Almonds: Delectably roasted almonds infused with a zesty blend of spices, adding a fiery kick to your tasting experience.
  • Campos Santos Olives in Brine: A medley of marinated olives that adds a briny, savory note to your tasting experience.
  • Serramel Honey with Walnuts: A harmonious combination of sweet, sticky honey and crunchy, earthy walnuts that adds a delightful contrast and depth of flavor to your charcuterie board.
  • Omorro Cheese: Hailing from Faial in the Azores, Omorro is a creamy cow's milk cheese crafted by a local family near the Morro de Castelo Branco natural reserve, using sustainably sourced milk for a slightly tangy and luscious indulgence.
  • Sao Jorge Topo: Hailing from the Azores, São Jorge cheese is a semi-hard, aged cheese with a mild and creamy taste that lingers on your palate.

Product does not arrive in a gift box. If a particular item within the box is out of stock, a similar item of equal value will be used.