Orivárzea Carolino Rice das Lezírias Ribatejanas

PGI - Protected Geographical Indication, is a European qualification, used to designate a product that maintains a relation with the geographical environment where it is produced. It's this qualification that the Carolino Rice produced by Orivárzea obtained in 2008, giving rise to the brand Carolino das Lezírias Ribatejanas Rice, the first rice to be qualified as PGI in the entire national territory. Extraordinary rice, from grain to grain meticulous selection, the Carolino da Lezíria Ribatejana is unrivaled among all the Portuguese Carolino Rices. It is a generous and tender grain, with a velvety and soft texture that intensely absorbs the flavors and aromas of the in-gredients with which it is cooked. It is the Portuguese rice of choice of both the great Chefs and the great gourmets, for sale exclusively in selected stores.

Package Contains: 500g