Portugalia Marketplace Canoe Sausage Roaster Liso #3

Portugalia Marketplace Canoe Sausage Roaster is a traditional terracotta dish meant to roast Portuguese sausage (chourico). The Portuguese call the process of grilling chourico over an open flame chourico a bombeiro. Chourico a bombeiro is typically eaten as an appetizer and will leave your guests with long lasting memories.

In order to use the Canoe Sausage Roaster it must first be fully submerged in water for a full 24 hours in order to cure the dish. This procedure only needs to be done once before its first use but may need to be repeated if the roaster is not used for an extended period of time.

To make Chourico a Bombeiro, simply pour alcohol into the Sausage Roaster. The more alcohol in the roaster, the longer the flame will last. Traditionally, the chourico is left whole but with slices about one inch apart along the top of the chourico. Ignite the alcohol using a match or lighter. Rotate chourico every minute until desired crispiness is achieved. Then, serve!

Dimensions: Approximately 12.5 inches in length x 5.5 inches in width x 1.75 inches in height. 

Each sausage roaster is hand crafted therefore no two are identical.