Estrela Artesanal Cheese

It all began in 1989. As a family, the owners, Judite and Carlos Pinto, decided to start production in the garage of their own house, in the picturesque village of Lagares da Beira, region of Seia. With the team of two, which also had the support of Carlos Pinto's mother, in the first year of operation, the pace grew to ten cheeses a day. With demand increasing year by year, the idea of ​​a factory became more and more insistent. In 2001, the project finally takes shape, with the opening of Estrela Artesanal Queijaria, Lda., modern facilities equipped with innovative technologies in this sector. 

After 23 years, the will to continue producing the best sheep's cheese is even stronger. Allied to high quality standards and technological development in the means of manufacturing, we aim to bring our cheeses to everyone's table. Experience an unmistakable flavor, smooth and creamy texture that characterizes the wonderful cheese from the Serra.

Package contains approx. 1lb.  

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