Minimal Cork Salt and Pepper Shaker Vista Alegre

The porcelain salt and pepper shaker is fun and with its playful shape, reminiscent of a boat, it will shine on your table. This product was developed to integrate the Vista Alegre conical salt and pepper shakers, in style.

Minimal Cork is the perfect combination of an architect and a graphic designer.

António Brito is a Portuguese architect with more than 30 years of experience. You can find him in the coastal city of Porto, riding his electric bike by the riverside or a tiny eco-friendly Smart when rain comes to town. He likes to design small but meaningful objects to embed on his architecture projects, which resulted in the challenge of creating a brand new line of exclusive design products.

Inês Brito is a Portuguese designer that has a tremendous experience in international projects and new businesses. Her passion is to create a visual, emotional and unique connection between customers and companies. She complements her dads creative work in interior design and home decor by providing a special care to the marketing/business side of the project, promoting sustainability while fulfilling eco-friendly needs.

Minimal Cork products are 100% handmade and full of tradition.

We believe that working with cork takes a special kind of commitment and it must be made in a space of joy, honor and respect for the product. By being part of the process, from the cork tree till your house, we aim to share with you our values on all our handmade products.