Fabricaal Premium Wool Manta - Gil Premium

Nestled in the Evora region of Portugal, the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz is nationally recognized for its handicrafts—especially the famous MANTAS DE REGUENGOS (reguengos blankets). For generations, wool craft has played an essential role in the region’s history, dating back to Portuguese royalty in the 16th century.

Our weaving uses old artisanal manufacturing methods, where the most important work tool is the loom, unchanged through time. The weavers take their place at the warp beam (at the rear end of the loom), push the beater (adding each turn of thread to the fabric) and press down on the pedals, passing the shuttles (holding the wool yarn) through the warp. The shuttles are the only elements that have changed over time: and now include bearings! This change allows the shuttles to be woven through the warp more quickly and with less effort. Loom weaving was once physically demanding job performed mostly by men. The central part of the loom is formed by a harness. The harness frames the loom, holding the warp threads, fastened by two canes. Weaving patterns are “programmed” by special knots in the warp threads. Fabricaal’s goal is to ensure that this ancient knowledge persists; that it is valued, bringing work and prosperity to the region, generating economic and social sustainability.

Wool is the basis of everything that is produced at Fábrica Alentejana de Lanifícios. It is a naturally sourced fiber, non-polluting, 100 % recyclable, renewable and durable. Merino wool is obtained from a very specific breed of sheep that produces the best wool in the world. There are some very special features that make merino wool the best option for decoration and protection:


1.Merino sheep live in places with great thermal variation; and their wool helps them adapt. Merino wool fibres regulate temperature and absorb moisture, while retaining heat. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, wool reacts constantly to changes in ambient temperature, regulating the thermophysical comfort levels of surrounding surfaces, in hot or cold weather alike.

2. HIGH SAFETY SOLUTION - Wool is naturally safe. It does not promote the growth of bacteria and, thanks to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is less flammable than synthetic yarns. It is a flame-retardant material, used in the aeronautical and automobile industry.

3. RESISTANCE – Merino wool fibres are quite complex, just like the human body. They are basically composed of protein molecules known as keratin, and are thus very flexible and can be stretched by 30 thousand times or more in any direction, imparting added strength and stability to our crafted pieces.

4. ANTI-ALLERGIC – wool does not attract dust, so it is for people with mite or dust allergies.

5. ODOUR-FREE – since the proliferation of bacteria is hampered, it is odorless.

Handmade in Portugal.

Product is handmade and may contain imperfections.

Color tones may vary based on loom availability.

Dimensions: 47 x 70 inches