Quinta de Jugais Orange Blossom Honey

From the nectar of orange blossoms, we have created our orange blossom honey. Discover the amazing flavor and light floral scent of the orange blossom. Perfect for a sweet touch in your breakfast and snacks, or for more creative flavors, try putting a string in the sauce on meat dishes for a bittersweet flavor.

Quinta de Jugais is a brand that started with a passion for the rich flavors of the Serra da Estrela region in Portugal. Their goal is to inspire happier, healthier, and more natural moments in people's daily lives through their jams. They strive to produce jams of unique quality, free of artificial colors and preservatives, and with incredible flavors, using sustainable methods that respect nature and the planet. The farm, Quinta de Jugais, is located in the heart of the Serra da Estrela, where they find inspiration for their brand name, and the source of their dream to share the customs and traditions of their region with others.

Package contains: 300g / 11 oz.