Meia Dùzia Pumpkin and Orange Jam with Rosemary and Eucalyptus Honey, Cinnamon and Almond

This rosemary and eucalyptus honey is more aromatic than other honeys and presents a light brown tone and a wider aroma and flavor. It connects perfectly with the pumpkin and the orange, highlighting the sweet flavor of those two raw materials of excellent quality, from our local farmers.


Suggestions: It's a fruit jam that combines well with cheese, toppings or fillings for cakes and mulled wine.


Ingredients: Pumpkin (35%), sugar, orange (20%), eucalyptus honey (3.2%), almond (3%), cinnamon (2.3%), rosemary honey (1.5%), gelling agent (pectin) and lemon juice. Prepared with 55g of fruits per 100g.

Package Contains: 75g