Meia Dùzia Azores Pineapple Jam with Lemongrass

This fruit jam offers a pleasant scent with a strong citric and bittersweet flavor, from the mixture of Azores Pineapple with Lemongrass. It has unique qualities that are highlighted by the fruit flavor characteristics and the aromatic herb, giving it a refreshing lemon scent. This Protected Origin Denomination (DOP) fruit, presents itself with a cylindrical shape, strong orange peel and yellow pulp. The Azores Pineapple (Ananás Comosus L. Merril, Cayenne variety) is cultivated on the 'São Miguel' Island (part of Azores archipelago, Portugal) and it's produced in greenhouses using traditional farming techniques: using smoke induction and “warm beds” from the slow burning of vegetative materials, giving it unique flavor and scent qualities.


Suggestions: The fruit jam is quite versatile and it's an excellent ingredient for salad dressings, appetizers made with ham, toppings for your favorite ice creams or yogurts, fillings or frostings for cakes, especially the chocolate ones, chantilly pies, and panna cotta. This fruit jam's also a favorite ingredient in a variety of afternoon cocktails for its excellent pairing with vodka, gin, and rum.


Ingredients: Azores Pineapple (55%), sugar, lemongrass (2.5%), gelling agent (pectin) and lemon juice. Prepared with 55g of fruits per 100g.

Package Contains: 75g