Castas - Clube de Vinhos (Wine Club) Subscription

Introducing our monthly PICK-UP-ONLY Castas - Clube de Vinhos (Wine Club) Subscription featuring some of the best Portuguese wines available on the market. With this subscription, you have the option to select from three bottles or six bottles per month.

Each monthly pick up includes three or six carefully curated Portuguese wines, handpicked by our expert staff. But that's not all - our subscription also includes tasting notes and pairings for each wine, providing an informative and enriching experience for all. Members will also receive a membership card granting 15% off the current months selections.

Our EXPLORER selection contains three bottles per month providing you with a carefully curated selection of three outstanding Portuguese wines each month. Each bottle is carefully selected ensuring a diverse and exciting experience.

Our DISCOVERY selection is perfect for those looking for a more premium experience. In addition to the three carefully curated bottles, this option includes three additional premium bottles within its extended selection.

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You can collect your monthly subscription of three or six wines from our store, allowing you to meet our knowledgeable staff and discover more about each bottle. Please visit the wine department when picking up your Castas - Clube de Vinhos (Wine Club) Subscription.

Your first subscription will be available for pickup immediately upon receipt. Recurring Castas - Clube de Vinhos (Wine Club) Subscriptions will be charged on the 1st of each month and can be picked up between the 1st and the 15th of each month. Subscribers can pause or cancel their subscription at anytime.

Whether you're a casual wine drinker or a seasoned connoisseur, our monthly wine experience subscription is the perfect way to discover and enjoy the best Portuguese wines on the market.

New subscribers will receive an exclusive reusable bag with their first pick up and are strongly encouraged to bring this bag along for all future subscription pickups. Additional bags will be available in store for purchase.

Please note: In case your subscription for Castas - Clube de Vinhos is picked up after the 15th, we cannot assure that all the bottles included in the assortment will be available. Nevertheless, we will choose a replacement wine of equivalent value for you. Tasting notes and pairings are not guaranteed on replacement bottles.